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Scheduled Waste Management (SW204)

Xantara Sdn Bhd is licensed to collect, transport and recycle metal hydroxide sludge (SW204). We provide an all-inclusive, wide ranging and comprehensive service to our clients. All technical and administrative matters relating to collection, transportation and recycling of waste are minutely looked into by the highly trained personnel at Xantara.

Realising the fact that waste industry is extremely hazardous, both to the environment and society, we have lodged safety of environment and people as our number one priority. Hence, we do not take any risks in our recycling of waste. Every recommended safety measures, both by the Malaysian government and internationally recognised organisations have been implemented at Xantara.

Xantara also grasp the importance of human capital in this industry. Hence, we have employed some of the best brains in the business. Our staff have been trained meticulously in their specific area of expertise. Xantara personnel are also routinely evaluated and trained. This is to ensure that all Xantara personnel are the best in the industry.

SW 103 - Waste of batteries containing cadmium and nickel or mercury or lithium

SW 104 - Dust, slag, dross or ash containing arsenic, mercury, lead,cadmium, chromium,nickel,
copper, vanadium, beryllium, antimony, tellurium, thallium or selenium

SW 110 - Waste from electrical and electronic assemblies containing components such as accumulators, mercury-switches, glass from cathode-ray tubes and other activated glass polychlorinated biphenyl-capacitors, or contaminated with cadmium, mercury, lead,
nickel, chromium, copper, lithium, silver, manganese or polychlorinated biphenyl (E- Waste)

SW 202 - Waste catalysts

SW 204 - Sludges containing one or several metals including chromium,copper, nickel, zinc, lead, cadmium, aluminium, tin, vanadium and beryllium

SW 206 - Spent inorganic acids


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