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Xantara Sdn Bhd
was formerly known as (Koshin Kitmula Malaysia Sdn Bhd) was incorporated in 9th May 1995 and the principal activities of Xantara is manufacturing PAC from industrial waste water treatment industry and scheduled waste management services.


Our Mission..

To become a leading provider of recycling solution in the country with highest customer satisfaction. To Cooperate and coordinate with the state and national bodies in developing a safe and clean environment for the people of Malaysia.


Our Vision..

To realize the vision of being the country’s renowned recycling entity


Our Goal..

To achieve the goal of being the best operator and the most qualified consultant and operator of schedule waste management services to the environmental industries nationwide.

Thus Xantara is socially obligated for being one of the concerned members of the public to live in a better and pollution free environment. Xantara also foresees the responsibility to contribute earnestly to industries and other non-commercial segments like training on education and environmental issues.

Xantara intends to reveal its aim to serve the core needs of the various industries for technical solutions and professional consultation.